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Give Thanks I


As the song goes, “Give thanks with a grateful heart.” In this week of Thanksgiving, I am going to daily post at least one thing that I am thankful for.
Monday – 11/24/03:
1) The birth of Mike Magrann on Nov. 24th, 1960. Happy Birthday, Mike! I’ve know Mike since I was 15 and his songs have been a part of my personal in head sing-a-long playlist since 1983, esp. “Manzanar“.
2) The Anna’s Hummingbird pair who were defending their territory in the backyard of the Doll Hut yesterday afternoon. Just when I thought I was at a honky tonk benefit, standing out in the back patio, smashed along with all the other folks there to see The Blasters, I noticed a pair of hummingbirds racing around our heads. There is a yellow flowering tree growing just outside the fence of the Doll Hut that the hummers were trying to defend from the 50 odd people invading their space and flowers. In all my years of birding, I have never had a hummingbird allow me to get within 5 feet of it, and yesterday both birds stuck around the tree and fence for over 2 hours. I was able to get two clear pictures. Amazing!
3) A good drummer seamless integrates into a band’s sound. A bad drummer sticks out like a sore thumb. But a truly great drummer is a joy to watch and listen to. In my book there are three truly great drummers out playing right now:
a) Matt Kelly of the Dropkick Murphys
b) Sally of the Fabulous Disaster
c) Bill Bateman of the Blasters and the Blue Shadows
Yesterday, I had the pleasure of watching Bill Bateman play an amazing set at the Doll Hut. Thank you, Bill.