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Giving Thanks V

Fri. Nov. 28, 2003:
1) My National Audubon Society 2003 desk calendar. Today is a very cute Black-Capped Chickadee. We don’t have this Chickadee in California, but we do have the Mountain Chickadee. I love my daily bird fix.
2) Thanks for great live and great recorded music:
Manic Hispanic, Roger Wallace, The Clash, Marti Brom, Dropkick Murphys, Real McKenzies, Flogging Molly, Black Eyed Peas, Daniel Lanois, The Distraction, One Man Army, Throwrag, Fabulous Disaster, Dance Hall Crashers, Avail, Kings of Nuthin’ and many, many, many more!
3) Thanks to and for all the contributor crew – past and present – Alex W., Julie Wanda, Yvonne, Lucky, Scarlett, Steve, Kevin, Megan, Erika, Tanya, The Ash, Meredith, Erik, Tink, Dawn, Al, Brian, Sandra, April, Cindy, Bridget, Lauren, Liz, etc… I am thankful for all of our friendships and your creative contributions. You have made me a better person and sharpened my own creative output. How can one little editor & artist be so blessed?

Giving Thanks IV Or Giving Thanks on the Big Day

1) I am thankful for the Hanen Family bonding time whilst stuck in traffic between Mission Viejo and Oceanside. What should have taken 25 mins. took 2 hours and 5 mins. Yikes. But the Hanen Family is resourceful. Joe had a scratched up plastic wine glass under his seat, I had a chilled bottle of Chandon (Napa – Blancs de Noir) in a grocery sack next to my feet. Joe, Campbell (a.k.a. – Dad), and I drank champagne while driving past San Onofre Nuclear Plant and Camp Pendleton at 5 miles per hour. We laughed, we people watched, we waved at Marines on duty, and I spilled champagne. Big thanks to the Moet & Chandon company for being there during important stressful moments like in Agra, India on Feb. 2, 1943 when my airman Grandfather was able to procure a bottle of Moet to celebrate the telegrammed announcement of his first son’s (Campbell) birth in Iowa or on the 5 fwy. with 105,000 other cars going from Orange County to one’s Grandma’s in San Diego on Nov. 27, 2003…..


Giving Thanks III

Wed. 11/26/03:
1) My dad, Campbell W. Hanen, has had some form of a cell phone (car phone) attached to his ear since the late 1970s. He is the text book version of an Early Adopter. Today, we were supposed to go to the Harbor House for brunch, but when I picked him up at my brother’s house, my dad was chatting on his cell phone, so I was not able to ask him if he was willing to go to Dim Sum instead of western breakfast. Rather than driving to Sunset Beach, I drove us to Little Saigon in Westminister. It was not until the Taro Cakes, 25 mins. later, were placed on the table that he got off the call and asked me what were we doing here…. I am thankful, for the very first time in 25 years, for my dad’s phone distraction that we could go to Dim Sum rather than omlettes… ;oD
2) I am thankful for Interscope Records and Terry Wang, U2’s Tour Publicist, the best damned PR chickeeta that Brea (SoCal) and Taiwan has ever produced (Terry, you rock!). They sent me the U2 “U2 Go Home – Live from Slane Castle, Ireland” DVD this week. I just watched it. It is very good. It re-reminded me why U2 is the Rolling Stones Plus of my generation without the drugs and scary outfits…. U2 has delivered quality “redemptive” Rock’n’Roll for over 24 years. Thank you, U2!
3) Time off. Four days with no agenda. Thank God.
4) My brother Joe Hanen. Good Man. Gracious. Generous. Thank you.

Give Thanks II

Tuesday, Nov. 25, 2003:
Today I am thankful for…
1) The weekly bowling gang: Julie Wanda, Tink, Hector, Karl, Lucky, Kevin, and April. Thanks for making me laugh and having fun.
2) The comeback of the endangered Catalina Island Fox. Today the LA Times reported:

A rare fox no bigger than a housecat may be saved from extinction on Santa Catalina Island, thanks to scientists fighting for its survival with traps, cages and a cutting-edge vaccine.
In an age when so many endangered-species dramas star lobbyists and lawyers, this little-noticed campaign 26 miles off the Los Angeles coast may actually be a success story

Photo Friday : Gatherings

Flock of Goo Goo Crowd

Photo Friday : Gatherings
Flock of Goo Goo played the Doll Hut last Friday, and the joint was packed for Flock’s amusing and amazing brand of 80’s covers. Gabby dressed up as Prince, Greg Antista as Adam Ant, Steve Soto as a skinny tie new wave guy, and Jim Munroe as a drummer….

Flock of Goo Goo

The Flock of Goo Goo will be playing at Alex’s Bar for the New Year’s Eve New Wave Prom on Wed. Dec. 31, 2003. Come on down and join us!

Ms. Lisa and Ms. Jen

For most of the night at the Doll Hut, I could see Jeff and Lisa Holt across the room, but it was too crowded to get to them. Finally, at the end of the night, I got to say hi and get a pic with Lisa.

Give Thanks I


As the song goes, “Give thanks with a grateful heart.” In this week of Thanksgiving, I am going to daily post at least one thing that I am thankful for.
Monday – 11/24/03:
1) The birth of Mike Magrann on Nov. 24th, 1960. Happy Birthday, Mike! I’ve know Mike since I was 15 and his songs have been a part of my personal in head sing-a-long playlist since 1983, esp. “Manzanar“.
2) The Anna’s Hummingbird pair who were defending their territory in the backyard of the Doll Hut yesterday afternoon. Just when I thought I was at a honky tonk benefit, standing out in the back patio, smashed along with all the other folks there to see The Blasters, I noticed a pair of hummingbirds racing around our heads. There is a yellow flowering tree growing just outside the fence of the Doll Hut that the hummers were trying to defend from the 50 odd people invading their space and flowers. In all my years of birding, I have never had a hummingbird allow me to get within 5 feet of it, and yesterday both birds stuck around the tree and fence for over 2 hours. I was able to get two clear pictures. Amazing!
3) A good drummer seamless integrates into a band’s sound. A bad drummer sticks out like a sore thumb. But a truly great drummer is a joy to watch and listen to. In my book there are three truly great drummers out playing right now:
a) Matt Kelly of the Dropkick Murphys
b) Sally of the Fabulous Disaster
c) Bill Bateman of the Blasters and the Blue Shadows
Yesterday, I had the pleasure of watching Bill Bateman play an amazing set at the Doll Hut. Thank you, Bill.