Wildfire Effect Update

CNN.com and the LA Times report this evening on the Southern California Wildfires.
LA Times map
Bascially there is a wall of fire burning up the mountains and hills from San Diego to Ventura. I am somewhat overstating the case, but as you can see from this map of the Old Fire the whole front range of the San Bernardino Mountains in on fire or burned to a crisp. The Old Fire has now merged with the Grand Prix Fire on the east end of the San Gabriel Mountains.
On one hand, we are very glad when we get a decent to good year of rain, like this past winter, but when combined with an extremely hot summer it makes for a horrible fire season. I have been praying that the high pressure system will lift off the Northwest and send our first storm of the season to douse us with moisture. The last good October rain we had was in 2000 over Halloween weekend.
My Grandma Grace and step-Grandpa Bill live in North Escondido on a ridge that over looks a very dry arroyo and in the distance one can see Valley Center and Mt. Palomar. My aunt Anne and cousin Brian drove down tonight to evacuate Grandma and Bill out as the Julian Fire, which is the largest of the fires burning right now, has now reached Escondido. Please pray that they do not lose their house, as they have had a very tough year with Bill’s broken vertabrae and Parkinson’s diagnosis.
Here in Orange, the Santa Ana winds and the accompanying rain of ash ceased around noon today leaving a strange, murky, dusky stillness in its wake. Just after 6pm, a lovely, cool offshore breeze started up and brought temperatures down into the late 60s. What a relief.

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  1. Thanks for the update… have reletives in Running Spings, unable to contact and waiting for news on Running Springs.
    Great site….

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