U.S. Forest Service / NASA Satellite Photo of SoCal

Satellite photo of Souther California wildfires 10/26/03

The above satellite photo was taken on Sun. 10/26/03 by the US Forest Service / NASA Satellite. We have been downwind of the big plume for over 4 days now. Today is back to falling ashes and heat.
The above photo is from the LA Times coverage.
Nasa has a more comprehensive satellite image showing the smoke plumes going hundreds of miles out in to the Pacific and an article explaining the sat photos. The high res NASA photo shows fires also burning down the Baja California coast and more than half of the Salton Sea in algae bloom.

2 thoughts on “U.S. Forest Service / NASA Satellite Photo of SoCal

  1. The red annotations on the imagery do not help.
    Would prefer a higher resolution capability or a very small letter annotation marking the location of major cities like San Diego, Los Angeles.

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