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Preach it Brother Shea!

A 100% Pure Product of American Protestantism – in this blog post Mark Shea tells it straight and links to an article that spells out the extreme results of American Evangelical culture.

“Same with American Protestantism: at it’s best you get saints like Billy Graham or Jim Eliot. At its worst, Brother Bubba’s Informercial Gospel Hour.”

Mr. Shea forgot to mention that American Protestantism at its worst also gives us George W. Bush and his cronies.
As a nice Californian Christian person from a family that is a mix of Catholic and Protestants and Agnostics, as well as someone who attended a conservative Protestant Evangelical college, this post reminded me why it is very important to be flexible, be open to the tenets and emphases of the other major branches of Christianity, and why not to take oneself and one’s beliefs so darned seriously.
Christians of all the branches of the faith should read Terry Pratchett & Neil Gaiman’s “Good Omens” to loosen up and have many great laughs.

One Response to “Preach it Brother Shea!”

  1. charles

    I totally agree.
    I’m tired of blocking out other segments of Christianity.
    Last Sunday I turned to the lady behind me in line at Soupplantation, asked her what happened at her church today and she later sat with me and my friends at our table- Christians, different churches, talking about God and sharing. Awesome!