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California Uber Alles

Notes from the 10:00 pm (PDT) hour on the day of the Recall Election:
1) I must quote Jello, the punk prophet, who called it in 1980, “California Uber Alles”. Heil Arh-nold. Arnold + Arrogance + Big Money GOP Backing = Arnold – you are now what you fear most – a whore. Go shoot more steroids, then you will be a real man…
2) (Arrogance + Actor who reads scripts for a living + cult of celebrity) + Calif’s career politician legistature = hell hath no fury like a woman scorned + one interesting Circus to come.
Hope Arnold has been coated in teflon, the Terminator may not last through the first one hundred days or so predicts conservative George Neumayr.
3) Can we Recall Dick Cheney? Please?
4) Art and Punk Rock is always best under oppresion and facism. Look at what the Reagan 80’s produced…. Bush Jr + Actor Governor = Bye Bye Blink 182, Good Charlotte and the like. Hello Anti-Flag!
5) At the Grisham for Govenor Rally on Sunday night, one of the security guys said to one of the bands, “I like your music, but I hate your politics.” Hello! Wake up! Real Punk = Radical Politics. If you don’t want radical left politics with your music, go listen to Korn or Brittney Spears or Celine Dion.
Let the Games begin! Shall we all go to the Colesium for bread and circus?
(note to the faint of heart or the moderate: this post was purposefully inflammatory)

October Garden Update

100603basil.jpgIn many parts of the country, this is the time of year when the leaves are falling and folks are tucking their gardens in for the winter. Here in Zone 23 of the Sunset Garden Guide, we are losing leaves and many of the garden plants are thinking about tucking in for a short nap.
Right about now is when the basil and tarragon decide that it is time to die. If I clip them down and continue to water them, they will rise again in March or thereabouts. The basil in the driveway side garden is now over 4 feet tall and just starting to yellow a bit. I suppose I ought to harvest it now before it dies off on me. Although, I am still getting new shoots and side branches. Desicions, decisions, decisions.
Many SoCal gardeners will plant a whole new season of vegetables and flowers in Sept. and Oct. for the fall and winter. I have pansy and winter sweet pea seeds waiting to go in as soon as the summer garden is over.

Please Vote on Tuesday

Many of my friends and family are highly political creatures and have already planned their day on Tuesday to fit in voting on the California Recall. Last night at the Adolescents’ show at the HOB Anaheim, a bunch of us at the Rose Terrace Bar got into a good discussion on the Recall and why Arnold S. cannot be our next Governor.
If you are on the fence, you are indifferent or otherwise don’t think your vote counts, please resist your inertia and go and vote on Tuesday. For or against the recall, and whoever you believe to be most fit to govern our state, just go and vote.

Mi Teaghlach Mithear

Mi Teaghlach Mithear
Mi Familia Loca
Whether I say it in Irish Gaelic or Spanish or Californian, my mother’s family is crazy. No doubts about it. My great aunt Shirley truly was out to lunch and lived the second half of her life at the Norwalk State Mental Institution. She would send letters to my mother asking how little 5-year old Jenny was, even when I was 30. I rather liked great aunt Shirley, at least she came by her nuttiness due to natural brain chemicals or lack thereof.
Now the rest of them who are not locked up are still not so sane even with supposedly normal seritonin and dopamine levels. There is the overwhelming family obsession with always doing and competing and excercising. And then there is the family “bad picker”. Yep, with the exception of my cousin Brian, everyone of them has been married between 2-4 times.
And the family wonders why my brother, sister, and I are still single. We like stability, we like being laid back (even if a wee bit bouncy), we like no drama (ok as long as it is humorous and makes for a good story later), we like no divorces… it must be the Hanen and Hahn influence on the Mithear Kilroy blood.
Why this post? My mom is currently camping in Mammoth with her new beau… Kevin the local bum. Yep, the semi-homeless guy from the park. My sister has lost her composure, my brother is laughing, and I am shaking my head wondering when I should change my phone number.
I have been threatening to divorce the whole lot of my mother’s family for years. I may just do it this year. Or maybe I should write a movie screenplay on a large crazy Irish family from LA…

All’s Quiet on the Western Front

Supposedly the National Do No Call List was to be set into action today on Oct. 1, 2003. There have been two court cases that have held up the proceedings, all the while Congress and the President moved quickly to give the FCC power to inact the National Do No Call List. Federal Courts defending the telemarketer scum vs. Congress defending 50 million Americans who are sick of bullshit phone calls.
My advice to the 50 million harassed humans: If the Federal courts will not uphold our stated desire to not be invaded by marketing folk, then go down to your favorite purveyor of electronic goods and buy an answering machine. Yep. Screen your phone calls, baby. Then call up your phone company and get the feature where the phone co. sends you a little box that tells you who is calling. Between the old school answering machine with the sound on and the little box with a screen that gives me a number, I am a member of the Screening Nation.
Luckily my friends, family, and business clients are used to my boundaries with the marketing scum, and yell useful things into the answering machine like, “Jen, pick up your phone, this is ….” or “Hey! It’s me! Pick up your phone… Hello, Hello… Pick up your phone…”
When I return from a good long bout of being away from my non-slavemaster the phone it is entertaining to see how many messages I have of friends/family/clients doing the above routine, as they think I am screening rather than actually being away from the slavemaster the phone, versus how many calls the little AT&T box tells me called in. Usually I have a large ratio of hang ups & unavailable numbers (telemarketer scum) to actual messages from real live people who I actually want to talk to; somewhere around 20 irritations to 4 real calls.
Today was different. Today was the day we were supposed to have freedom from telemarketers. Today my ratio of evil vs. good was way down. Today, Oct. 1, 2003 – I had 4 real calls – my sister, Erika, Hector, CSLF, and my sister again to only 3 evil telemarketers. What happened to the other 17+ evil people? Did they actually decided to pay attention to the National Do No Call List even though the courts have sided with them?
The irony of it all is that I got my first spam phone call on my cell today. Yes, the cell number that no one has, well, maybe 5 people. The cell that I have off all the time, the cell that I don’t take messages for, the cell I only use on business trips. Yes, that cell had a telemarketer call on it. Guess, I better go register my cell number on the National Do No Call List….