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California Uber Alles

Notes from the 10:00 pm (PDT) hour on the day of the Recall Election:
1) I must quote Jello, the punk prophet, who called it in 1980, “California Uber Alles”. Heil Arh-nold. Arnold + Arrogance + Big Money GOP Backing = Arnold – you are now what you fear most – a whore. Go shoot more steroids, then you will be a real man…
2) (Arrogance + Actor who reads scripts for a living + cult of celebrity) + Calif’s career politician legistature = hell hath no fury like a woman scorned + one interesting Circus to come.
Hope Arnold has been coated in teflon, the Terminator may not last through the first one hundred days or so predicts conservative George Neumayr.
3) Can we Recall Dick Cheney? Please?
4) Art and Punk Rock is always best under oppresion and facism. Look at what the Reagan 80’s produced…. Bush Jr + Actor Governor = Bye Bye Blink 182, Good Charlotte and the like. Hello Anti-Flag!
5) At the Grisham for Govenor Rally on Sunday night, one of the security guys said to one of the bands, “I like your music, but I hate your politics.” Hello! Wake up! Real Punk = Radical Politics. If you don’t want radical left politics with your music, go listen to Korn or Brittney Spears or Celine Dion.
Let the Games begin! Shall we all go to the Colesium for bread and circus?
(note to the faint of heart or the moderate: this post was purposefully inflammatory)