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Psycho Hair?


About once a week, I like to try a new hairdo. Lucky always has the best and most inventive ‘dos for long hair. She has one she does frequently with a roll in the front and the back in curls or in a ponytail. I have tried to recreate it twice now with varying rates of success; last week’s attempt looked like a wedding hairdo gone wrong and today’s attempt looks like a chola ‘do from the front and a psycho “V” from the front/side. Sigh.
I think my hair is too thick, a bit long on top, and I am possibly taking too big of a front section. It does not help that I went mad cutting my bangs the other day and have barely 1/2 inches left…. oops…

One Response to “Psycho Hair?”

  1. lucky

    hee hee – thanks for the compliments! yeah, mebbe smaller sections would help – can’t be the length b/c mine is at least a foot long at the shortest layer.
    speaking of killer hair, you shoulda seen Wanda this weekend! toooooo diiieeee for! an’ that black vinyl skirt? hot hot hot!