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Pot Holders vs. Kitchen Towel

Tonight, when I got home from my annual early fall pilgrimmage to the Eastern High Sierra for hiking & leaf peeping, I boiled some potatoes for a late supper. After 20 mins. of cooking, I needed to lift the lid and check on the little Dutch Yellows, but the lid handle was too hot. I reached for the nearest kitchen towel, lifted the lid with the towel, checked the potatoes and determined that they needed more time in the pot. I put the lid back down, put the kitchen towel down, and returned to the section of the LA Times I was reading.
I smelled burning. I saw sparks. The kitchen towel was on fire and trying to set the wood chopping board on fire. I flung the flamming towel onto the floor and used the throw rug to stamp out the fire. Once everything was under control, I started to yell.
My roommate came into the kitchen, saw the half charred kitchen towel, the floor rug with char marks, and the singed chopping board. She remarked that I should have used the pot holders next to the stove, as they are 5 by 5 inch squares that would not get near the burner as I lifted the lid.
This may be true, but I usually only remember to use the potholders when I open the oven and need to get items in or out or move them around. When I am cooking on the stove, I don’t think of a pot holder, I use the nearest kitchen towel. I may need to rethink this strategy, as I have just lost my favorite towel.

2 Responses to “Pot Holders vs. Kitchen Towel”

  1. Roslynn P

    Hey, even the *professionals* use kitchen towels in place of potholders! I know — I’ve seen them on tv! So see — you’re in good company! 🙂

  2. Francois Lachance

    In our household the towels hang on the bar of the oven door. After lifting the lid of a pot on the stove top, they return to the bar. Other households use the frig door handle to hang a towel.
    Where was the towel before you used it to lift the lid?