Excitement in the Neighborhood…


Over the course of the last few weeks the City of Orange has been repaving the streets in my neighborhood. Before the Street Fair/Labor Day weekend, they had paved/slurried most of the North-South running streets, but had not yet hit the East-West streets in the southwest quadrant of Old Town.
The day after Labor Day tall orange traffic stands with notices went up on my street announcing that there could be no parking 7am – 4pm on Thurs., 9/4. I made sure my car was parked on the nearest non-about-to-be-paved street, put my camera within reach, and listened intently for the paving crew.
I had hoped for BIG GIGANTIC tar bleching, 100 yard long, machinery setting down new tarmac. But I was disppointed to find one smallish slurry machine and three guys laying down a thin, new layer of tar. Slightly sad, but the freshly laid slurry was steamy and glisteny, so I suppose it was still cool.