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Welcome Liam…

Yesterday, Friday, August 15th, 2003, my cousin Liam West Kilroy was born to my mother’s brother John and his wife, Catherine. Liam is the 15th cousin/grandkid to my mother’s side of the family.
Here’s the email announcement from my Uncle John:

It’s official! We have a beautiful baby boy!

The newest member of our family, Liam West Kilroy arrived at 8:18 this morning in fine shape. He was just under 8 pounds!

Catherine and baby are doing well and will spend the weekend resting in Santa Monica UCLA Hospital before heading home.

I was over at my brother’s yesterday morning when I heard the announcement via phone. My brother and I noted that it was a fine testament to our step-grandpa, Bill West, to have a baby boy named after him.
May Liam be as calm, strong, opinionated, and delightful as his namesake.