The Evolution of Personal Livestock! had the following intriguing headline today in the Science and Space section:
‘Lousy’ genes show clothes are 70,000 years old

Adam and Eve may have put on fig leaves while still in the Garden of Eden but a study that looked at the most intimate of pests — body lice — suggests that humans started wearing clothes 70,000 years ago, scientists said on Monday.

The genetic study of the lice strongly suggests they — and clothing — arose soon after modern Homo sapiens began moving out of Africa and into the cooler regions of Europe.

In my opinion, one of the true marks of a highly civilized and technological society is not electronics or cars or space flight, but the wonders of being lice and flea free. Ok free of personal livestock as long you don’t rub heads with an infected five year old or get too drunk and go home with somebody you don’t know at a show and rub other parts with them…. Just say no to substitute teaching and drunk bar patrons!