Tales from Alex’s Bar, Part I

I have been mulling around the idea of a series of stories that would all be centered around things I have seen and heard at Alex’s Bar and other music related adventures with the names and some details changed to protect the innocent or guilty, whichever the case may be.
I would like to periodically write down in this blog incidents that have occurred as “story starters”. If they end up in a story, then I will let you all know. Otherwise enjoy the the fragments as vignettes. I will change the names of people who I have not specifically asked their permission to use their name. Both LuLu and Alex told me to go right on ahead, but I have changed the name of the main character in the following due to the fact that I have not asked his permission yet. When I told the following incident to Steve, Barbie, and Shawn last Friday night after the “spatula” incident at Throwrag , they all thought the person in question would not care, but would welcome it.
Last Thursday, before I drove up to LA to meet Erika and Thomas at the Culver City Hall for the free Hot Club of Cowtown concert, I dropped by Alex’s to buy my Throwrag tickets. As Lulu was taking my $ and writing all the pertinent info down on the “pre-sale” list, bar regular and veteran punk “Ford” asked for the staple gun and went outside. I went out to call Wanda to ask a few questions about the tickets I was buying for her when Lulu joined me outside. After I got off the phone, Lulu pointed out the flyers for the Sunday Search and Destroy Ride that were stapled up on the wall and told me the backstory on the 20 bar bike ride.
“Ford” then drew our attention to him and just when we thought he was stapling up flyers, he took the staple gun, put it up right on his chest/sternum and shot. Yep, he stapled his t-shirt to his chest. Lulu grossed out and we both went back inside. The Search and Destroy bike ride guy was laughing.
As Lulu and I concluded the pre-sale ticket business, “Ford” came back in, came behind the bar and started rooting around. He asked LuLu if there was a flat screwdriver. There was not, only a philips-head screwdriver. Lulu was turning green, leaned across the bar, averted her eyes from “Ford” and asked me to tell her something to distract her. We started talking about cute boys.
“Ford” walked down the bar, picked up a big, long knife by the sink. He wriggled the knife under the staple, leveraged one hand on the business end of the knife, one hand on the tang and pulled the staple out. He replaced the knife and brought the bloody staple to LuLu to see. Both of us grossed out.
I stayed a bit more, but had to leave by 6pm to get to Culver City by 7pm. As I was leaving, “Ford” was sitting out with LuLu and her boy just outside the door. He said goodbye, very sweetly gave me a compliment and a hug.
“Ford’s” dropping trow on Friday after Throwrag got off stage to show us his “spatula” brands on both butt cheeks is another story for another day…