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Super Joey to the Rescue!


My brother Joe wins the award for SuperHero of the month. Two days ago, he replaced my front brake rotors and pads on the little Honda, in trade for me varnishing his kitchen cabinets. Yeah for Joe!
This is a great relief to me, as the brakes were getting worse and worse, continuing to shudder, shake, and generally not brake very well.
When I picked my car up yesterday, my brother showed me the rotors that Big O Tires had put on back in February, and they were blue with heat searing. Joe told me that the rotors and pads were barely worn, but it was obvious due to greasey mechanic hands or a glazing that Big O had put on the rotors, that they were overheating, not getting the proper friction, and thus the car was shuddering and not braking well.
Joe found good German rotors, I forget their names, and installed them properly. I now have full stopping ability, not a sngle shudder or shake. And when an elderly woman in a Mercedes tried to run me off the road today, I was able to brake on a dime. Before yesterday, I would have had a large accident.
Ladies – My brother is a gem and single. He is a “nice” guy with his shit together – not only is he a vice president at a large LA real estate firm, but he can build a car/dune buggy from the ground up! He is an excellent cook, very bright, laid back, and has a great sense of humor.