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Spam Update

I have to admit that the Knowspam.net service I have been using on all of my email accounts is working too well. Yes, my email inbox has gone from an avalanche of crapola every day to a very manageable trickle of wanted email, but on occasion I find myself yearning for a bit more mail…
The way Knowspam works is that they send an email to all senders and request that a human validate the email before it gets sent on to me, this stops the email bots and computer spamming. Then I get an email from Knowspam showing me all the non-human emails that are waiting, then I can peruse them to make sure a good email does not get deleted. Sometimes I click on an email to just check to see if it is a legitimate email.
Today I had 20 possible spams awaiting my approval or delete button, I clicked on one from “greeser@…t” to make sure it was not a music related email and the following text lept out at me “Get up to 4 Rock HARD Inches!”.
My first thought… wow, spammers are really reaching, don’t most men start out at about 4 inches and would like to get bigger from there? If the product that the spammer is shilling will only make you up to 4 inches, that defeats the point, right? The language in the email did not imply that it would add up to 4 inches.
Spammers need to work on their wording and advertising a wee bit more…