Roasted Garlic Road Trip

Last Tuesday, my mom called and asked me if I would drive up with her to San Jose on Sunday (yesterday), after a bit of hemming and hawwing, I said yes. I have a lot of work to do right now and was afraid of losing a few good days of design time, but figured if we were going to the heart of the Silicon Valley, the hotel would have to have internet connection, right?
When we left Costa Mesa yesterday around 3:30pm, it was hot and vaguely humid. The drive through LA was surprisingly easy, and the Grapevine was quite beautiful even if a little scorched from fire. The native, undeveloped Californian hills are really beautiful at this time of year – all golden grasses and green-grey oak trees dotting them.
The Central Valley was HOT and we stopped in Buttonwillow for dinner at Dennys. Dennys – yuck, but I love the name of Buttonwillow for a highway-side fast food pit stop.
The true delight of the drive was exiting interstate 5 to travel on the 152 to the 101. It was about 10pm when we left the Central Valley on the 152, the moon was almost full and was shining on the hills turning them silver. As we twisted and turned down the hills into Gilroy, the air was faint with the smell of roasted garlic. Silver hills, big dark oaks & eucypltus trees, and the smell of garlic.
I have a feeling that Gilroy and its environs is far more enchanting in the moonlight, than in the light of day…
We rolled into Sunnyvale around 11:30pm, and I was happy to see that the hotel had a businees center with an ethernet connection. But today upon investigation, the ethernet is now off and they have connected Wi-Fi. Yeah, I said, but the hotel guest services manager informed me that it would not be turned on for guests until Wednesday. I leave on Wednesday.
Here I am on dial-up in the hotel room. I am working today and then tomorrow meeting up with Alex West in San Francisco to trot around to the museums.