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Road Trip, Part II: The Real Timmy the Turtle

Timmy the TurtleOn Tuesday, in San Francisco, I got to personally meet the real Timmy the Turtle. Not the cute, human male otherwise known as Tim Grim (or Timmy McD or… or… or…), but Timmy the real live turtle.
On Monday, I hung out around the hotel working on my computer while my mom went to her teacher training. That evening mom and I went to suishi and then decided at 8pm to explore the area. We drove through San Jose, then got on the freeway and drove to Santa Cruz. We went out to a bluff, watched the bonfires and saw the lights across the Monterey Bay. The moon was fuller and Mars was out and blazing.
On Tuesday, I took mom’s Explorasaurus and drove up the 101 to have lunch with Vanessa, Tom, and Floyd of Fat Wreck. As I got to the Fat office, Timmy the real Turtle was having her tank cleaned by the turtle cleaning guy. Given that Vanessa is the Official Turtle Monitor, we had to hang out while the turtle cleaning guy finished. News flash: the reptile known as Timmy is a female.
After lunch, I went up to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art to see their permanent collection and the Marc Chagall exhibit. The ticket was $15… CHOKE! COUGH! See Meg’s blog post on Why State Arts Funding Matters… I think we ought to, like the Brits, put a portion of lottery funds to arts and culture so that museums and other cultural destinations are free or low cost. The arts should be open to as many people as possible, not just the rich.
I finished the day up in San Rafael to have dinner with barflies.net co-founder, Alex West. We had dinner at a delightful restaurant called Limelight and then walked up and down the main drag of San Rafael, 4th St.
I flew back to SoCal yesterday (Wed.) morning, and had my scissors confiscated by the security staff at the San Jose airport. Oh well, you know me, the hairdressing terrorist… ;oP Sir, would you like a mohawk while you sit here waiting for your plane?

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