Monthly Archives: August 2003

The Kitchen Side Garden – August Update

Wildflowers in Ms. Jen's Garden

The California Wildflower Seed Mix that I planted in the Kitchen/Driveway Side Garden back in May is finally flowering. July had the first poppies, now in August we are getting white with crimson flowers, blue-violet flowers, black and purple – vertitable profusion of Calif. natives. Yeah!


On the World’s Tallest Basil note: Vivian Hernandez told me last Thursday night, after seeing the picture of my basil, that her’s was taller. When I have planted basil in pots in the past, I have never had them grow taller than 12″. To hear that Vivian has basil in excess of 30″ and mine is now at least 34″ this week, I guess that planting one’s basil in the ground with good amended soil and lots of sun makes all the difference.

Yikes! It is August!

I just looked at my calendar and realized that it is August 3rd. Yikes! Where has the year gone? Yikes.
Then I realized that I have been a BAD blogger as I have not posted anything since July 28th. Bad Jen. Bad Jen. Here are my excuses (I swear they are legitimate):
1) I couldn’t focus, as this week I had my first really good heartrending, heartbeating, heartbreaking crush on a good looking, compelling, intelligent man since 1999. Unfortunately, as with my last crush, this was missplaced. Damn. I need your help! People, set me up! I am good at a good number of things, but I am a boo-boo-brained when it comes to men…. I need help!
2) Friendster. It sucked me in, it sucked me down, and I lost hours. Here is the big bitch of Friendster, as first noted by Lucky, lots of hot chicks, lots of hot gay men, but where are the straight single men? Where? Where? Where? …..
Lucky wants to see nude, single, straight men, even if she is off the market. I am on the market and need to know where to find the single, straight men.
3) Working. Had to pay rent. Blah.