New Trend? Blog Spam…

MovableType is such a lovely blogging software/platform. When you receive a comment to a post, MT will send you an email to alert you. Imagine my surprise just moments ago to receive an email from my MT system alerting me of this comment posted to my “I Rant and Rave” post of last month.
No longer are money hungry spammers/con artists content to email me, but now they are combining their politics with my blog and spamming all my readers, too. How fascinating. To comment on the post, fine. To ask for money “confidentially”, no.

I do recognizes the surprise this urgent but confidential letter will bring to you especially as it came from a stranger, but be rest assured that it came with the best intentions.

This individual, although not a resident of Royal Oak, MI, needs to be listed on Davezilla’s Freak Watcher’s website. Mr. Shetima’s IP address locates him in Jerusalem and not Dubai….
If I have any extra funds to send to political causes, I will not be sending it to the PLO or other disenfranchised Middle Eastern folk, but instead I will be sending it to Jack Lloyd Grisham’s gubernatorial campaign or I will buy the new TSOL cd, “Divided We Stand” on Sept. 23, 2003!