Dream Interpretation?

Anyone reading this blog into dream interpretation? If so, what does it mean in a dream when your teeth start to break? Not lose a whole tooth at once, but you keep having a tooth shatter into bits which then have to be spit out?
I have had this tooth shattering sequence in two dreams recently. Odd.

4 thoughts on “Dream Interpretation?

  1. Check out this webpage – seems to be a sort of advertisement, but see the sections on “my gum is stuck on me” and “broken teeth are rattling in my head”

  2. crazy. i have this recurring dream also… one tooth will chip followed soon by all my teeth chipping and breaking into pieces and i have to keep spitting them out… i’m reading on a few sites that it’s a sign that the ways in which you previously acquired knowledge will no longer work, and you need to take hold of new ideas and really ‘chew’ on them, instead of letting them simply pass you by.

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