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Thursday – Mom Surfing at Bolsa Chica

As most of you know, my mom recently quit her job teaching junior high so she could have more time to surf. My mom, Surfer Sue, has been surfing since the mid-1950s.
On thursday, she went surfing down at Bolsa Chica and was lightly stung by a baby sting ray on her baby toe. This caused stress and anxiety but the nice young lifeguards recommended soaking the offended body part in the hottest water one can stand. The LA Times on Friday reported a rash of sting ray attacks in Seal Beach and Bolsa Chica recently due to increased ocean temps. Mom says the water feels like Hawaii.
But the real highlight of her day was while paddling out to the break a big set came in, she was on the right shoulder of wave when 3 dolphins were surfing towards her on the shoulder of the wave. To avoid a direct hit by large marine mammals, mom turned parallel to the wavew hich is not a good idea for the human who ought to be perpendicular to the wave. By being parallel to the wave mom barely avoided being sucked into the wave as it broke but she did avoid hurting the dolphins with her board or being hit by 800 lbs of Flipper.
Mom says that it was very amazing to see them so close. She said that in the last two years there has been a definite increase in dolphin sightings, as she now sees them at least every weekend.
On Sat., Erika sent me the following “amusing” dolphin stess test.

3 Responses to “Thursday – Mom Surfing at Bolsa Chica”

  1. Monkeyspit

    I am heading out to CA this August. Really looking forward to watching folks surf and seeing some of the wildlife. Good to know I can do both at the same time!

  2. david

    Ive been going to dog beach regularly the last couple of weeks. the water is RIDICULOUSLY warm.

  3. Liz Ortega

    Ok, that’s what I’ve been telling people!!!! STING RAYS ARE THE ENEMY!!!!