The Scavenger Hunt


On Tueday evening Erika and Thomas came over for dinner and as I was prepping the food, 4 junior high school aged girls came down the driveway carrying a large lamp shade. They knocked on the screen door and told us that they were on a scavenger hunt. They needed something bigger and better and weirder than the lamp shade that they could trade us for.
Erika, Thomas, and Lauren and I looked at each with mental wheels turning, when I said, “Let’s go look in the garage.”
I opened the garage, and tried to interest the girls in my broken grey plastic Honda glovebox still containing last year’s registration & insurange. No go. Then I tried to interest them in the 4 feet of 80 yr. old cast iron Y-plumbling joint that had been excavated out from under the house during the Christmas Eve Plumbing Disaster. No go.
Just as they started to get discouraged and concerned that the boy team from their school would win, Thomas looked down the little dead end side space between the garage and the fence and he had a huge impish grin on his face.
“The Car Hood!” I said, smiling as well. “Can I interest you ladies in an old car hood?”
The girls looked and exclaimed, “Ooh, that is good.” They talked amongst themselves, decided that they wanted to canvass the neighborhood to see if they could get anything else, but knew they would win the contest with the car hood – due to weight, size, and plain oddness of the item. They said they would come back and asked us to not tell anyone that they had been by or about the car hood. We told them that if they did come back, that they could have the car hood for free and they did not need to bring us a trade item.
The Car Hood was discovered six or so months ago when the next door neighbors decided to install a new fence running down the property line and they had to have the gardeners clear off all of the ivy and morning glories from the old fence and from their source root spot, the side dead-end space between the fence and my garage. When the mass of 20 years of plant material was cleared, all kinds of old junk was found in this space, including the car hood.
I was able to get the city and Waste Management to take all the bulky items except the car hood. They wouldn’t take it. As a renter, I was not about to find a truck to take the car hood to the dump myself. So, it continued to languish in the space that some previous tenant had left it.
Until the young ladies of the Scavenger hunt! Ha! They came back about 30 mins later and decided to take off with the Car Hood. Bless them. I hope they won, because I sure did!