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Dick Cheney – the man for our times???

The Vice President of our nation seems to be a man of many talents and interests, talents that are well hidden and interests that are not necessarily in the best interests of the people but of his corporate friends. At what point do we the people demand accountability from our elected officials? Are we a nation of which sex and scandal much more interesting and impeachable than shady business deals from elected office and bad ethics are?
From the news column at Salon.com and the AP news wire:

Vice President Dick Cheney’s energy task force appeared to have some interest in early 2001 in Iraq’s oil industry, including which foreign companies were pursuing business there, according to documents released Friday by a private watchdog group.

Judicial Watch, a conservative legal group, obtained a batch of task force-related Commerce Department papers that included a detailed map of Iraq’s oil fields, terminals and pipelines as well as a list entitled “Foreign Suitors of Iraqi Oilfield Contracts.”

The current administration has shown itself to be much more interested in helping their friends and former business colleagues in business than in democracy. Are we now a nation run by an oligarchy of businessocrats?
God forbid that the French and Russians could have gotten the Iraqi oil contracts and not US oil companies! Mr. Cheney is not only a shadowy figure, but one with very bloody hands. Blood for oil anyone?

One Response to “Dick Cheney – the man for our times???”

  1. david

    This is the sort of item that holds relevance when discussing the bush administration’s ineptitude and purposeful, disgusting, “realignment” of the facts. This holds much more weight than then previous item comparing bush to clinton and bombs to blue dresses. That reads like a high school pep rally sign. rah rah. go democrats. Oh, and Jen, its fucking hot down here today.