The Bald Eagles are Back!

Today the LA Times and KPCC both reported that Bald Eagles are officially back in Southern California for the first time since the 1930s. What they mean is that there are two nine week old eaglets living in a nest near Lake Hemet.
The LA Times article states:

If the 9-week-old eaglets survive, federal and state wildlife officials say, they will have begun repopulating the southern end of their historical nesting range before bald eagles were all but wiped out in California by coastal development and the manufacture and use of the pesticide DDT.

The farthest south that successful nests have been found in California since recovery efforts began is in central Santa Barbara County, said Ron Jurek, who coordinates bald eagle recovery tracking statewide for the Department of Fish and Game.

The LA Times article was front page in the California section and had two large pictures. When I saw the first picture and the headline, my heart jumped. After reading the whole thing, my frist thought was “Thank God, we have finally done something right.”
This is the first nestlings that have made it past the egg stage in SoCal since the 1930s. DDT in the environment weakened eggs to the point of no live hatchings, and development encroached on the coastline and lakes of the area. Bald eagles have in the last few years returned to Big Bear Lake in the winter time, but go north to breed. Until now.
Many of you know that I am a big bird fan and feel very frustrated by the continual unstoppable development of SoCal. When nature and common sense prevails over rich developers making more money, I feel encouraged. The DDT that destroyed the eggs of eagles, pelicans, and many other birds certainly effected the whole of the ecosystem and not just the birds. There is still a huge plume of DDT off the coast of Palos Verdes and South Santa Monica Bay.
I have seen 2 bald eagles in the wild in my life. First one was in the summer of 1990, when my dad and I were putting around the shoreline of Catalina Island, near White’s Landing, and we had the pleasure of watching a bald eagle fish in a kelp bed no more than 50 feet from our little boat. The second time was last summer as my mom and I were driving around June Lake (in the Sierra Nevada mtns.) and a bald eagle was soaring above the lake and road. Truly amazing.

2 thoughts on “The Bald Eagles are Back!

  1. What wonderful news! Thank you so much for reporting it. It can be so discouraging to read environmental articles, because so few are positive. But encouragement like this can sustain my hope indefinately!

  2. Hi Jen, its Suzanne from book club. Found your link on Meg’s site. I know of your frustration with SoCal development. I find that humans encroaching on wildlife is a sad reality that never ceases to amaze me. Back in my old hometown in NJ, my mom saw a black bear cub wandering lost in a grocery store parking lot. They’ve just reinstated a tax-funded deer kill to thin the populations that have grown out of control and have begun moving too close to humans (in support of the thinning, though, is the fact that without intervention, many deer die slowly of starvation, disease, and car accidents. They also spread Lyme disease which has become a real epidemic in NJ.) However, its not all bad…when a nest of spotted owls was found near a local road, the city detoured traffic for the nesting period so that the endangered birds could live in some peace for the season. Just thought I’d share something in a common vein. See you at the next club meeting!

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