That #1 Band in the OC Weekly’s Top 129….

That band… you know the one… That band, the one that got the #1 slot in last week’s OC Weekly’s 129 Greatest OC bands Ever! Well, rumor has it that they will be playing tomorrow night at Alex’s Bar in Long Beach.
Given the response of their last “secret” smallish club style show, over 300 people smashed into the Doll Hut (capacity 49) in August 2001, I would recommend wearing full body armour, bringing your own body guards, and a portable air conditioner. I will not be attending, not out of a lack of love for the band or Mr. Soto, but due to a lack of funds and no guarantee that Mike M. and Karl I. will be there to lift me out of trouble again…
Sat. June 28, 2003 at 11:13am
Steve has called and confirmed that The Adolescents really will be playing Alex’s tonight and full body armour might be a good idea. I will be going after all.