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Steve Soto – The Man!

Ok, I am just going to continue on with my Music Theme today. Today’s issue (Vol 8 No 42) of the OC Weekly has a cover feature called “The 129 Greatest OC Bands Ever.”
Now, folks here in Orange County love to complain that the OC Weekly is just a fluffy *supposed* indie (owned by the Village Voice Conglomerate) with bad writing, lame features, and lots of backstabbing gossip. But for once, the OC Weekly got it right: of the 129 bands ranked in the article, No Doubt is 118 of 129, and Lit is 127, where as tons of more worthy bands were up in the top 100.
The best part is that Mr. Steve Soto recieved #1 (Adolescents), #9 (Joyride), #35 (Agent Orange) and #77 (Manic Hispanic). I do believe not a single other OC musician can claim so many of the bands that he/she have been in, or is still in, so far up in the list or even ranking at all. Congratulations Steve, you can now add #1 to your title next to “The Nicest Guy in Punk Rock”.

Ikki Nikki Three and a Half

Ok, I have been too busy for the last week to even think about posting, but when I did have a spare minute to think, I had nothing to post about that wouldn’t send my readers (Hi Lucky! Hi Alex!) into shear boredom…
But Gail Worley Saved the Day Today! Go Gail Go! She emailed me a link to her most recent feature interview in Request Magazine…. with Nikki Sixx! Hee hee hee hee….
On her fabulously pink new website, Gail states:

Oh yeah! I almost forgot, recently I got the Nikki Sixx interview I’d been chasing for years and years. That was pretty wild. It took four days to complete the interview. Sixx was like my Great White Whale forever. Now, I’ve finally bagged him.

Read the interview, and have a good laugh. I particularly like Sixx’s Cog Theory of the Music Industry. For as much as people may now bag on Motely Crue, or even bagged on them in 1987, from the first time I heard the band in 1984, I was very intrigued by Mr. Sixx’s machinations. From the Hollyweird scene gossip in 1984-1986, it was evident to me regardless of his personal stupidity with drugs that he had a brain in his head towards the band and his ambitions of what he wanted to do.
Some may say that Sixx’s recent statements that he wanted the early Motley Crue to be as much like the Dead Boys/early NYC punk as he wanted the band to be glam are revisionist in the wake of the large mid-1990s punk revival. But many in the early 1980s, who knew the band knew that Sixx was as enamored with early punk, esp. the NYC variety that was influenced by late glam, as he was by rock’n’roll of the 1970s.
I should out myself, before Erika does it for me, but I have always had a big thing for tall men with spiky black hair…. be they punk or be it my high school crush on Mr. Ikki Nikki Three and a Half. ;op

Dropkick Murphys : Blackout


I had a bit of a difficult day yesterday, and then, appearing in the magic of the my post office box, was the Epitaph/Hellcat press packet that I had requested. The day went from yuck to yeah with the insertion of the new Dropkick Murphys cd into the player….
I first became aware of and saw the Dropkick Murphys at the Middle East Downstairs in 1997. I thought they were ok, and went back upstairs for another glass of wine on the bakery side. In 1999, Alex West and I went to the Warped Tour in SoCal and both of us had heard that the Dropkicks had undergone a line-up change. With the addition of Al Barr on vocals, the Dropkicks put on a very good show that day.
The Dropkicks dropped into and took over my number one music fave slot with the release of Sing Loud, Sing Proud in Feb. of 2001. Basically, that cd went into the cd player on the drive out to Punk Rock Bowling ’01 and did not come out again, for years. And then Sing Loud, Sing Proud only came out of the cd player for an occasional listen of a few other bands…
So why, a nice sweet girl like yourself, a fan of the Dropkicks? I love how the band mixes street oi!-styled punk anthems with Irish traditional instruments and songs. There are a lot of bands who do celtic rock or celtic punk, but very few with the sheer blast of punk rock power that the Dropkicks deliver. The deep down growl of Al Barr’s voice, Ken Casey’s more stident vocals, big punk rock guitars, mandolin, penny whistle, bag pipes, and the amazing rolling/in&out drumming of Matt Kelly all combine to make a very powerful, very bouncy band.
While I have only had one listen to Blackout, I have been bouncing happily around the living room. Tonight I am going to their show at the Key Club in Hollyweird, and I will give a full report next week in the


Poem: William the Conqueror

William the Conqueror
for Jessica Heather Martin
Fly Purple Martin Fly
The only thing purple in the
chapel, besides the tint of your
Grandma Martin’s hair,
were the flowers in the funeral bouquets
fore and aft of your open coffin.
Fly Purple Martin Fly
Some said, after, that your wings
were first broken at twelve,
others said you had a broken picker.
Last time we saw you alive,
you told how you were leaving
him, how you were moving
back to your mom’s in Yorba Linda.
Excited to fly again,
you and I made plans to visit
the Getty or the Norton Simon.
Fly, Purple Martin, Fly high
your healed wings soaring
No art museum, open casket,
so unreal.
At the wake, in your mom’s small dining room,
your brother whispered,
Don’t let my grandmas hear, not
today, it will upset them worse,
but she was murdered.
Fly high, Purple Martin, Fly high
On May 23, 2003
one year later, the LA Times’ sub paper
The Daily Pilot reported that he was found
guilty. 3 felony accounts.
Assault, spousal abuse, and
attempt to persuade a witness not to testify.
It came out in your trial
that twice before he had sent
women to the hospital by his own hand.
Fly, dip on the wing, soar
little Martin, Fly free
You got life. He gets
11 years.
They couldn’t prove murder
because none of the neighbors heard you cry out
as he slammed your head on the floor.
Didn’t they know that little Martins with scarred wings
can’t sing anymore?
— by Jenifer Hanen

Geekdom, here I come…

Over the weekend, Lucky set up her own wi-fi world at home. She lives a few blocks away from the Pine Street Wi-Fi Hot Zone, but was not able to get it to connect at anything above a peep. When we talked today she was planning on convincing her landlord to set-up a hub, so she doesn’t have to go sit at George’s Greek Deli or in front of the movie theatre. For me, that would involve way too many hugs from George, given that I find it creepy when a man you don’t know comes to hug you as you walk into his restaurant…(the young hot guy waiters should be doling out the hugs.) But the food is excellent, and I return. Lucky and I thought that if she sat in front of the theatre that she could put out a tip jar and see if anyone would donate to a poor homeless wi-fi-er…. ;o)
So, the ante was up, as I do have to keep up with the Di Palma’s. I felt the need to figure out how to configure the Road Runner 2WIRE Home Portal (trademarked, I am sure) so that I could free myself from the tyranny of my desk and ethernet cable. Now, here I sit, 15 minutes and a few fiddlings later, on the lovely couch 8 feet from my desk writing this post. Naturally, the phone rang soon as I sat down, and I had to get up, as my phone is 1996 and is wired. Really….

Interesting Upcoming June Events

Here are 3 events that are happening this month that I am very excited about and will be attending.
June 13 – 15, 2003, 9:30am – 5:00pm: An International Three-Day Symposium: Beyond the Legacy of Genghis Khan at Los Angeles County Museum of Art’s Leo Bing Theatre. This symposium is free and in conjunction with their excellent “The Legacy of Genghis Khan” exhibit.
June 20 – 21, 2003: The C. S. Lewis Foundation Summer Conference: A Celebration of Mere Christianity. I will be going down and working on Friday and Saturday for the conference, but I am most excited to hear Boston College philosopher Peter Kreeft’s session on friday morning.
Friday, June 27, 2003, 6 – 10pm: Opening Reception of Kim Stringfellow’s Greetings from the Salton Sea exhibition at the Circle Elephant Art, 4634 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90027, 323-662-3279

Molly Wright Steenson on the Avante-Garde and Blogs

Yesterday, while traipsing down some lovely worm-hole of the blogsphere, I came upon a link to Molly Wright Steenson’s paper that she gave at Digital Genres, entitled “Imaginary Architects: From the Crystal Chain to the Blog”. I recommend reading it if you are interested in how the ideas of the early 20th Cent. Art avante-garde and theorists are still affecting and linking to creative and technical endeavors nearly a hundred years later. Bravo Molly!
When I was teaching art history and web design at Biola, many of my most engaged students were big fans of the Bauhaus and German avante-garde movements. Not just from a historical design perspective, but also on how they were influencing current design and art theory/criticism, esp. “Clean” Design on the web, and current political Euro Rock (TINC, and the like).
I love to learn of the connections that people make, even more so when it is all the connections between seemingly disparate creative endeavors.

San D’Eggy and some fun links…

As my last act before I go to bed on Late Tuesday/Very Early Wednesday, and before I go into 3 days of very little internet connectivity (agggh… the shakes, withdrawal…), here are a few notes and links:
The only thing I can get my mother, the technophobe, to turn on her computer for is the on-going blog of Salam Pax. For all of the doubters, and mom was not one of them, Salam has been revealed to be the real thing. I personally have appreciated his perspective and voice. As the Aussie’s would say, Good on ya!
Do not let fear run your life and thoughts. Laugh Hard. Go to Boing-Boing’s Gallery of SARS Art….
In the long line of Internet Quizzes, which do a much better job of tongue-in-cheek personality assessments than Cosmo, comes the “Which OS are you?” quiz. I am proud to announce that I am Red Hat Linux (thanks to Metafilter for the link).