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Geekdom, here I come…

Over the weekend, Lucky set up her own wi-fi world at home. She lives a few blocks away from the Pine Street Wi-Fi Hot Zone, but was not able to get it to connect at anything above a peep. When we talked today she was planning on convincing her landlord to set-up a hub, so she doesn’t have to go sit at George’s Greek Deli or in front of the movie theatre. For me, that would involve way too many hugs from George, given that I find it creepy when a man you don’t know comes to hug you as you walk into his restaurant…(the young hot guy waiters should be doling out the hugs.) But the food is excellent, and I return. Lucky and I thought that if she sat in front of the theatre that she could put out a tip jar and see if anyone would donate to a poor homeless wi-fi-er…. ;o)
So, the ante was up, as I do have to keep up with the Di Palma’s. I felt the need to figure out how to configure the Road Runner 2WIRE Home Portal (trademarked, I am sure) so that I could free myself from the tyranny of my desk and ethernet cable. Now, here I sit, 15 minutes and a few fiddlings later, on the lovely couch 8 feet from my desk writing this post. Naturally, the phone rang soon as I sat down, and I had to get up, as my phone is 1996 and is wired. Really….

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