OC Scottish Games 2003 Pics

Pipe and Drum Competition Grounds

Here are my pictures from this last weekend’s Scottish Games at the OC Fairgrounds. I spent the better part of both Sat. & Sun. watching the Pipe & Drum band competition. The best part of this, besides lots of men in kilts, is that the Pipe & Drum band competition is always held in this lovely willow shaded area between two quonsen huts. This year, a black phoebe was nesting in the area, and I was able to get photos of both mom and baby!
Besides the Pipe & Drum bands, I have also included a few pics of the athletic games and other funny random sights that caught my eye, such as the Tartan Midgets and a man wearing a t-shirt that so nicely captured the proper spirit of the battle between SoCal and NoCal.
Click on the thumbnails for the larger pictures.