Test or Happy Birthday to me

Here I am testing my new little blog. Ahhhh!!!! New Horizons for my 25+10 year (officially started 12:22 am on 4/24/03).
I try to give myself a new computer challenge in and around my birthday every year. At SXSW 2003 Interactive, I found myself in various sessions on blogging and wondering about it. I bookmarked many of the panelists blogs and have been reading them ever since. Talk about setting my sites high and trying to keep up with the Dashes, Trotts, Powazeks, etc. Argh…

One thought on “Test or Happy Birthday to me

  1. Hi! Lookin’ good, chicka! I will be calling to schedule a MT tutorial when I return from the frozen north(actually, I hear it will be warm but rather soggy most of the week – god fobid I should have to wear closed-toes shoes!) I hope to return with photos of sexy men, as well, if that makes it any more enticing? 😀

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