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Current Status: Visiting My Mom and It Is SNOWING!!!

... And it is still snowing!

Sun 01.21.17 – I am currently visiting my Mom in Bishop, a small town in the high desert on the eastern side of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Rain was predicted today and the current storm had other opinions on the matter.

I am wildly excited as I love love love snow. It is so exotic! ;o)

Photo of snow falling in my Mom’s front yard taken by Jen with her Lumia 950.

Happy New Year!

Snow on Saddleback and The Moon Snow on Saddleback Mountain - The Tiny Planet Version

Thurs 01.01.15 – The night before last we had a brief, windy, and cold storm that whipped through SoCal and dropped more snow on the local (lower) Santa Ana Mountains than on the (higher/taller) San Gabriel Mountains. Thus, both yesterday – New Year’s Eve – and today, there was a good coverage of snow on Saddleback Mountain and some of the surrounding hills. It is / was AWESOME, in the true sense of the word.

The last time I saw so much snow, so low on Saddleback was after a freak cold snap just before Thanksgiving 2004. I was so excited about this that after going to dim sum with Erika at Elite in Monterey Park, a picked up Scruffy McDoglet who went on the lam after the gardener left the gate open, and then Scruffy & I drove out Santiago Canyon Road just a bit beyond Irvine Lake to take photos of the SNOW!!! on Saddleback Mountain.

Snow in SoCal is really the best New Year’s Eve gift that 2014/2015 could give me. So Exciting.

‘Tis My Favorite Time of the Year

Winter Solstice, where the Northern Hemisphere has the longest night and shortest day of the year, happened today at 9:47am PST / 17:47 UTC.
Today ushers in my favorite season of the year: Winter.
I love it. I love the chill. I love being outside at night while snow is falling. I love skiing. I love walking in the winter. I love wearing more clothes. I love the lack of sun and heat. Love it.
My greatest disappointment in living in Southern California is the lack of snow.
I realize that the reason that everyone else, all the other 16-19 million folks who share this metro area with me, lives here is the utter lack of the snow. Saturday’s weather is the real reason they live here: 80F at the beach.
I can have my fantasies. Yes, I can. The last few days I have watching my European, British, and East Coast friends’ Flickrstreams for photos of snow falling in the night.
Here are a few of the truly lovely winter scenes from various locales that are not SoCal from the last 48 or so hours:

cliché snowing in england shot La neige à Limoges : acte III Big Sky Country What a ride! Blimey Snow baby!, Denmark Street, Bristol
All photos from friends on Flickr, please click on the photo for the larger version.

Today, Santiago Canyon Road, Irvine Hills

Today, Santiago Canyon Road, Irvine Hills

Thurs 12.18.08 – The rain stopped sometime last night and I woke up to clear, sunny skies and snow low on all the mountains and local hills! Very exciting! The last time I have seen snow this low on the Irvine & Orange hills was in Nov. 2004 the day before Erika & I went to Ireland.
I couldn’t just stay home in Seal Beach and natter way on images and slideshows on my computer, no, I had to go out at lunch time and drive up Santiago Canyon Road to take in the low snow line myself before it all melts away.
Truly a lovely day.