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Tidbits from a Wednesday

Thoughts on Teabaggers, Groupthink, The God of the Burgess Shale, and for the Love of Blogging

1) In case you are like me and have spent more than a few hours wondering where all the Teabaggers were during the Bush-Cheney big government spend-a-thon, Mr. Taibbi answers a few of those questions in Tea & Crackers.
I am still in awe how most of those folks spent 2001-2009 asleep, only to wake up after the Obama inauguration. Odd but true.
2) For all the commentators who have been writing on Nokia’s corporate culture and supposed Finnish ‘groupthink’, the Finns may be on to something bigger in the democracy department than we, individualism obsessed Americans, can even dream of, especially if they aren’t afraid to combine research & risk with consensus.
3) Making Light on “The Secret Lives of Fossils“: TNH’s handmade rosary of fossils has landed in the Vatican Observatory’s meteorite case. Go read all the links and the comments. Wonderful.
4) Lori Hylan-Cho receives the award for the Best Sentence in a Blog Post in 2010, even though 2010 is not over yet:

“I guess this also proves that this blog really is just a personal memory store for me, and not a mechanism for promoting my professional reputation through blowhardery.”

I struggle greatly with the pressure that I should be daily/weekly writing a hard hitting professional posts to promote my reputation in mobile or web worlds when what I really want to do it post beautiful photos and blog about things that interest me today – be they professional, personal, ideas, whatever. I continue to feel strongly that this blog is both a canvas and a gallery.
Bravo to Lori for posting about what she loves rather than caving to the pressure to post professional blowhardery.

10 Minutes Ago

Photo taken by Ms. Jen with her Nokia N86.
Wed 09.29.10 – The sunset, fleeting, was fantastic.

And it Got Even Hotter

Photo taken by Ms. Jen with her Nokia N86.
Mon 09.27.10 – This shot of my car’s outside temperature was taken around noon in east Irvine – 108F. When I pulled into the shaded parking lot at Scruffy’s vet, North Tustin Vet Clinic, an hour later it was 111F!

 Today was the hottest recorded temp in Los Angeles history – 113F!!!!
The good news is when I got home to Seal Beach a bit later it was an almost chilly 91F.
When did LA switch weather with Las Vegas & Phoenix?!?! Blast furnace day.

And it Was Hot

Photo taken by Ms. Jen with her Nokia N86.
Sunday 09.26.10 – The first day of real summer heat occurred on the fourth day of autumn. Welcome to SoCal’s fire season.

Happy Autumn to You!

At 8:09pm Pacific Time, 3:09am UTC, it will be the secondequal‘ day/night of the year. In five minutes we, here in the Northern Hemisphere, pass from Summer to Fall / Autumn, which starts my favorite time of year.
Ok, not really fave time of year in SoCal due to our usual fall fires, but when I visit other places, I love autumn.

SixApart, Fare The Well

In March of 2003, I heard Ben & Mena Trott talk about their blogging software that they started in 2001 after both lost their jobs in the DotCom Bust – Movable Type – and their new company named after the fact that their birthdays were only six days apart, SixApart, at SXSW 2003 and decided to try it out in April of 2003.
Seven years later I am still here, still blogging with Movable Type, still using it as a CMS for clients, and still hoping against bizarre hope that Movable Type and SixApart will continue to innovate in the blogging space. A silly hope now that WordPress has clearly won many hearts and minds, but I do like MT better for a variety of reasons.
Today TechCrunch leaked that SixApart had been bought out by VideoEgg for its advertising network and both would become a new entity known as Say Media.
Various bits of the blogosphere are a bit up in arms about this, although many SixApart / Movable Type veterans are warily watching what will happen next.
For a few months, I have been planning on moving my blog to a VPS, upgrading to MT5, and using HTML5 for templating. All of this planning would also include a major redesign to better integrate my mobile photo blogging with text blogging that I do.
Now these plans will be on hold. I will wait and see what is up. I don’t want to spend 40-80 hours on a major redesign and upgrade 7.4 years of blogging only to have the software be unsupported in a few months.
Just in case the new Say Media, formerly VideoEgg formerly SixApart, axes Movable Type, I went an purchased an Expression Engine license today, because I know EE already supports mobile blogging. Due to the complexity of a move and a whole new platform, as EE’s templating is rumored to be a pain, versus the free time I have to spend on such an endeavor right now, as well as loyalty to my favorite blogging engine, I will wait and see.
In the meantime, I would like to say a Big Thank You to all the SixApart employees, current & former, who over the last 7 years have made my blogging life happy: Ben & Mena Trott, Anil Dash, Mie Kennedy Yaginuma, Byrne Rese, Jay Allen, Tim Appnel, David Jacobs, Arvind Satyanarayan, Ginevra Kirkland, Beau Smith, and many others. As well as the whole community of Movable Type bloggers, developers, designers, and other enthusiasts who have weathered a great many storms together.
Thanks for a great 7 years, y’all rock.
Update from 9/22/10 at 8:10am : Maarten Schenk at Movable Tips reports that Six Apart in Japan will continue with the development of Movable Type. MT is very popular in Japan and as Maarten reports it has been the most active hive of MT dev and innovation for sometime, so it makes sense that they will continue on. Go read: Movable Type and “Six Apart” live on… in Japan!
Update from 9/22/10 at 8:48am: A tweet from last night as I was writing this article:

I really wish @sixapart had sent an official announcement out to bloggers, devs, & customers before the tech press leaked the buyout.

Actually, this morning this is the part that makes me the most frustrated, is why didn’t SixApart send an email to licensees and the ProNet mailing list before letting this get leaked to press? If everything is alright, then longtime customers and developers should be the first to know so that the rumor engine doesn’t get started.
Update from 9/22/10 at 12:59pm: Today at 10:33am, David Jacobs, the VP for Services and Products at SixApart, sent an email to the ProNet mailing list entitled “The Future”. I won’t reprint it here, but basically he reiterates that SayMedia will be continuing to support and develop Typepad and Movable Type, which should have been sent before Michael Arrington scooped the story. Don’t say to me, “How could they have know that Tech Crunch would have printed in the night before the announcement?” Companies need to tell their own story first before the press hears it from their sources and tells it for them, particularly in the Echo Chamber that is known as San Francisco/Silicon Valley.