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Twitter, Some Recents Thoughts

Tom Hall, asked at the beginning of March,
How many Twitter follows is too many?

Not followers, but follows. The people who you are meant to be interested in.
I find myself more and more these days getting lost in Twitter trails of people I follow (a measly 361 at the time of writing), wishing I could stop, but pressing on in case I miss something. I got the junk food addiction.
So what’s the proper Twetiquette (sorry!) for ensuring you can have a life away from Twitter? ….


Brooding Sky, This Morning

Tues 03.30.10 – After much to do I have set up Pixelpipe on the Nokia N97, let’s see if it will post this photo directly to my blog via the Atom/ Metablog pipe.

Update: 10:47pm on 03.30.10 – Once again I remembered why I don’t like using Pixelpipe via Nokia’s meh ShareOnline: slow, have to resize before sending, complicated set up, meh, and rather than upload the image to my server via the Atom protocol, the image is stored on pixelpipe’s server.
Oh, Lifeblog, I so miss you.

Hair, or Contrary to what Su thought, I didn’t off Grimace

Contrary to what Su thought, I didn't off Grimace.

Photo taken on Fri 03.12.10 by Ms. Jen while at SXSW 2010.

In the course of my four decades on this planet, I have only really truly like 3 hairdressers: Julia Johnson, Diana ___, and Beth Martinez.
I have a BIG backseat hairdressing problem. I like to do my own hair and on occasion go into a salon for a bit of teamwork collaboration with a highly competent artist.
This makes sense, as I am artist, I like color and craft and mathematics, so doing my own hair has always been fun. I started practicing on myself, my brother, and my sister as a small child. My first real grounding is when I gave my then 2 year old sister a cannibal bowl hair cut.
While I was in high school, I went to beauty school after the school day was done and when I was in college I made money by upgrading Apple computers and dye/perming/cutting hair.
Ever since my beauty school days, I cut my own hair and color my own hair about half the time and only go into a hairdresser when I need more polish or elegance than I can do for myself.
Over the years since the days at Richard’s Beauty College in Costa Mesa, California, I have only really liked and gotten on well with 3 hair stylists/colorists: Julia Johnson who I met through punk rock and Richards and we went on a kickin’ tour of Europe the summer of 1988, Diana ____ who I met through the swing dancing crowd in 1998, and then when Diana got married and moved to Georgia, I found Beth Martinez through her husband Ron and Alex Hernandez.
Julia now lives in Houston, Diana in Georgia, and Beth in Austin, TX.
Now my hair looks bad. While I do bleach my front streak and color the bright Special Effects purple myself, as well as cut & shape the top/front of my hair to fit the punky 1940s inspired rolls I do, I do need to have the back cut by someone and the rest of my hair dyed by someone I trust. Really trust. Beth moved about 3 months ago and I need her back.
Beth kindly recommended two stylists for me. I tried one for a trim before SXSW and she was bossy and didn’t get that I am a DIY hair girl at all. Due to the bossiness, I won’t go back. The problem is that the other recommendation that Beth gave me is the stylist who is just across the salon from the bossy one, so I can’t really go to the 2nd recommendation.
Anyone know of where I can pick up a non-allergenic Damson Plum demi-permanent to cover the gray that is homesteading at my temples?

A Crystal Clear, Most Lovely Southern California Day

Catalina Island as seen from Palos Verdes Drive

Uneven drive at Portuguese Bend Point Vincente Interpretive Center Santa Monica Bay on a beautiful day White Point, San Pedro Catalina Island as seen from White Point Cove Southern End of Catalina Island Looking south-east towards Point Fermin, San Pedro Port of Los Angeles, The Blimp, and the Santa Ana Mountains in the distance The Blimp!
Photos taken by Ms. Jen with a Nokia N86.

Sun 03.28.10 – Last Sunday afternoon the whole of SoCal was socked in with a not so nice foggy inversion layer that obscured all visibility and foiled my plans to take Lloyd Davis around the Palos Verdes Peninsula to whale watch before dropping him off at LAX so he could fly home to London. We did drive from the Queen Mary to LAX via Pt. Fermin, Pt. Vincente and Palos Verdes Drive, but it was not the show stopping March day I was hoping for.
Seven days later, today, the show stopping, crystal clear, once in every five years, truly stunning Southern California day occurred. It was beyond warm, 82F at the beach and 88F just a few miles inland with very little breeze. The air was so clear that one could not only see all the canyons & green hills of Catalina Island (26 miles out to sea) but one could clearly see Mt. San Gorgonio & Mt. San Jacinto 70 something miles to the east with their mantles of snow.
Not a day to waste, so I packed up the film Nikon FM3a, the digital Nikon D70s, my brother’s borrowed fancy binoculars, the Nokia N86, and off I went to drive Palos Verdes Drive around the peninsula to the Point Vincente Interpretive Center to see if there were any whales to be seen. The whole drive was packed out with Sunday sightseers and the hills were green and scattered with purple lupine and yellow mustard flowers.
When I got to Point Vincente, the whale watchers were out in force, from the hardcore with their expensive sight scopes to the families with binoculars. The best part is that 2 fin whales were with in eyesight distance about a mile offshore and a whole pod of common dolphins plus babies where only about 200 yds/m off the coast just beyond the kelp beds.
Between watching the fin whales breach, spout out water, flip their tail flukes and the antics of the baby dolphins plus the amazingly clear day, today was a true visual feast.
Happy Palm Sunday! Happy Spring! Happy Baby Dolphin Day!

The Big Excitement on the Greenbelt

Runaway Volvo drags Orange Chevrolet up on to the Seal Beach Greenbelt

Photo taken by Ms. Jen with a Nokia N97.

Sat 03.27.10 – I will let my Tweets & TwitPics from the Scene of the Big To Do speak for themselves:
4:45pm – This is exciting! Car crash on the Seal Beach greenbelt.
4:49pm – Apparently driver told officer that it was an elderly Volvo acceleration issue. Who knew…
5:02 pm – Only injury is the young magnolia tree that the driver hit. AAA Tow truck now here to take the Volvo away.
5:16pm – The tow truck driver was able to release the car from the clutches of the mangled bench & drive it off the green
Update from Sun 03.28.10 around 11am or thereabouts – The city put the magnolia tree back up, even though it is has black tire marks & broken branches.

#NokiaComp Goes to SXSW Interactive 2010

#NokiaComp winners and the WOMWorld fellows

Nicole Lee and Mark Guim Adam and James George and a Bagel George plays ukelele to a flowering tree ;o) Adam kicking! George at Kick! Iain running into home base Adam, Big Phil, and Charlie at the Nokia Chatting at the Nokia Party Iain, Adam, and Vaibhav James and Ms. Jen George and Big Phil Dan's Bag of Tricks, Ovi Map Tricks Dan and his Tricks George learning to drive a Segway Ricc and Dan getting the Nokia N97's all set to Ovi Maps Vaibhav learning the Segway All lined up and ready to Segway! Iain and Ricc on the Octo-bike We picked up a game SXSWi attendee to join us on the Octo-bike We followed bikers on Harley hogs Adam<br />
navigating Dan and Iain on Segways Navigating around a jackalope  on 6th Street And then we found Ewan on Dan's Ovi Map route Using Ovi Maps to navigate a route of Dan's planning Lunch at the Boiling Pot after the Segway Map adventure Lunch at the Boiling Pot after the Segway Map adventure Sunday evening's game of Guess Who A view of Guess Who Ricc, Chris, and Adam working Guess Who Playing Guess Who Ricc and Alexi the Guess Who Winner! Off the SXSW Grid - Open Mic Comedy night that Phil Schwarzmann found and got up at the Mic

Photos by Ms. Jen with a Nokia N86.

SXSW is my favorite conference/festival/springbreakforgeeks event of the year and has been since 1998 for Music and 2001 for Interactive. I love Austin in early to mid-March.
For a few years now, I have felt that Nokia has missed a big opportunity to reach out to the North American and International web, mobile, gamer, and interactive creator & influencer communities by not participating, attending, or throwing a big open to all badges party at SXSW. Last year Nokia held two private by invite only parties that were kept on the low down, which was completely baffling for a company that is struggling in the North American market, as SXSW would be the perfect place to get all the influencers and bloggers to start talking.

More Text/Write-up/Thoughts plus Links just beyond the jump….


Conversation with TuttleLA folk and Lloyd Davis

Video by Ms. Jen with a Nokia N86.

Fri 03.19.10 - Lloyd Davis of the London Tuttle Club joined the Los Angeles / Long Beach Tuttle today as a part of his #Tuttle2Texas trip.
In this video taken by Ms. Jen with a Nokia N86 I interviewed Geoff Hickman, Jeb Brilliant, Lloyd Davis, Al Pavangkanan, Luke Dorny, Francine Kizner, and AJ Pape.
Geoff also made a video where he asked Lloyd about the start of Tuttle and posted it here.
Tuttle2Texas Posterous:
Thanks to WOMWorld/Nokia for the loan of the Nokia N86 8MP camera phone so that I could capture great video & stills.

Ada Lovelace Day: Year 2, I Nominate Caitlin Kilroy & Victoria Chowney

Today is the 2nd Annual Ada Lovelace Day, in where I am to blog about a woman in technology that I admire.
After reading Vikki (aka Victoria) Chowney’s Ada Lovelace Day post this morning, I decided that I would like to write about two kick ass twenty-something women that I know personally who are both very influential in persuading others to engage in technology: my cousin Caitlin Kilroy and Ms. Victoria Chowney.
On Sunday morning, I had a lovely breakfast with my cousin Caitlin and her mother Robin. During the course of the breakfast, I found myself explaining to my (now ex-) aunt that Caitlin was very influential in getting more than a few of her friends and relatives to join and engage in Facebook. Robin was at first baffled, but when I asked her, knowing what the answer was, how she joined Facebook and now has it logged in and turned on all day every day, she said that it was to keep track of Caitlin on her big adventures.
Last year, Caitlin a tall willowy then 24 year old blonde, announced that she was going to take a year to travel from California to South America via the Transamerican Highway. The family erupted in calls of No Way! I cried bullshit to most of them. If Caitlin were a 24 year old boy cousin, no one would say a damned thing but would instead brag how cool he was to travel through some interesting terrain, but because Caitlin is female there was a big hew and cry.
Luckily, Caitlin did not pay attention to them and just went. Good on her. The family was at first shocked, then my sister and I noticed that Caitlin was posting updates and photos from her adventures to her Facebook account. Then I noticed over time that family members and various friends of Caitlin joined Facebook and started to get over their own fear of technology and Caitlin’s choice of travel route to cheer her on via her Facebook Wall and photo comments.
When my grandma or mom would ask if anyone knew where Caitlin was now, my sister Allison & I could give a report due to Caitlin’s intrepid use of Facebook no matter the location. As I explained to Caitlin’s mom at breakfast, Caitlin is a technology influencer, as folks who previously did not use Facebook to interact are now using it daily because of Caitlin’s big adventures and using Facebook to report on same said and connect back home.
Caitlin is currently in LA to get her certification to teach yoga before returning to Peru to teach yoga there. She just assumes that no one will worry as she is just a click away on Facebook.
My other favorite mid-twenty-something kick ass technology lady is London’s Victoria Chowney. Vikki in her own Ada Lovelace post details out her own involvement in the technology world via an early career in tech pr, but a cursory read under estimates her depth and breadth of knowledge of the digital and technology spheres as well as her passion for the intersecting worlds of technology, community, and communication.
In late September 2009, Vikki invited me to the launch party of Reputation Online, web community to further deepen the interstices and encourage connections between new & social media & technology with older media and more traditional public relations. Vikki is the editor of Reputation Online and has put a great deal of effort into making the site into a great resource for best practices in social media and new media public relations, as well as expanding the knowledge community in the fields of communications and technology. Vikki’s passion and drive to further push the communications field into the 21st century is truly awe inspiring.
So, to my two favorite young women in technology the future is yours, ladies, thankfully. Go forth and kick ass.
My post from last year’s Ada Lovelace Day :: Cousin Lynn