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Clear, Still, and Hot

Clear, Still, and Hot

Tue 09.30.08 – The air was so very clear this evening that not only could I see Catalina clearly, but also San Clemente Island to the south and Santa Barbara Island just to the north. Extraordinarily lovely.

Preach it, Sister…

Wed 09.24.08 – Today was one of the worst days I have had in a very long time. To keep in short & sweet: I am on a very tight deadline for a delivering a web app and both my internet & phone went down today for a number of hours. I spent in excess of 7 hours today dealing with AT&T trying to get everything back up.
All of my neighborhood was effected by the internet outage, and my phone outage was compliments of a misunderstanding on AT&T’s part about my recent trip to Helsinki. I will be having a conference call in the morning to straighten out today’s 4 hours worth of phone calls to the “Customer Care” plus a trip to the local AT&T store for a new sim chip between bouts of hour plus long phone calls.
Please AT&T Wireless, don’t make me regret 7 years of faithfulness to you.

The Nokia Open Lab 2008 Videos are Up on Ovi

The video(s) from the Nokia Open Lab 2008 are now up on the Ovi channel.
For all the attendees who were baffled as to why we were invited and what the purpose of the Lab was, in the part 2 of Jari Pasanen’s introduction to the Nokia Open Lab event, he states what, as VP of Strategy, he was hoping to get out of the event:

“How we can actually improve the communication dialogue between guys like your self, because you also are not only leaders but also censors. You have a lot of understanding where this business is going. Nokia is now moving fast into the internet business. We are not saying we are an internet company. We still have our legacy, we are a mobile phone company, even though we call some of our products ‘multimedia computers’….”

As I have watched some of the video from the event that is up on the Nokia Open Lab Ovi Channel, it has helped me to more clearly remember was was said, but… and this is a big but, I am even more forcefully struck then I was at the time by the lack of women present. The four of us who were invited did talk about the lack of women during the event and were told when we asked that more women were invited but couldn’t make it.
In the video(s) of the Lab, it appears that Nokia’s interest in brainstorming and/ or the experts about mobile and the interwebs’ is only a guy thing. Yes, Anne, Micki, and I are featured in the videos (sorry, I haven’t seen Rebecca yet in the vidstream), but the greater majority of the event invitees are men (4 women, over 35 men).
Where was Darla? Where was Cat? Where was Rita? There are a lot of women in mobile and internet who have expertise that should be shared with Nokia at an event like Open Lab.
If we are to take Jari’s introduction seriously and statement that the Open Lab was a way for internet folk to share their expertise with Nokia, then there were many women with expertise in social media, blogging, media, creation, and the internet who could have been invited, such as: Danah Boyd. Lynne D. Johnson. Sharanya Manivannan. Jen Beckman. Anne Galloway. Megan McMillan. Molly Wright Steenson.
Just sayin’. For next time.
Also, next time, 2 or 3 days of workshopping / discussions / brainstorming would be better than 1.5 days. We were just getting comfortable to really get down to the issues when it was time to go home.
Go watch the videos on the Nokia Open Lab Ovi Channel, there is some good stuff there. And some funny stuff as well. ;o)