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Dear Internet Public

Today is International Be Really Nice to Web Designers and Developers Day, which means that you, lovely internet public, should upgrade your browser.
Still using, Internet Explorer? Consider switching to Firefox or Opera or Safari (yeah, you want to do it, go buy a Mac).
If switching browsers is not your thing, then please, please, pretty please on top, be very nice and upgrade to Internet Explorer 7.
Yes, I know, Microsquash makes it hard, you have to find the Update area in the Start menu of your PC and then download about 62 security updates, but do it. Do it tonight before you go to bed, leave the MS update running while you sleep and hopefully when you wake up, your computer is happy and your favorite web designer and/or developer will be happy too.
Spread the love. Switch or Upgrade.

Haute Dog Howl-oween Parade 2007

Haute Dog Howl-oween Parade 2007
Neon Color Wagon Pancho Villa Cruella DeVille Gypsy & Elaborate Newfie Biker Bulldog Elaborate Poodle in Wagon Belle as Bee Water Time! Angel & Devil Yoda Green Poodle Belle & Wippet Knight in Shining Felted Armor Bulldog Lobster Great Dane! Yorkie Lobster Britney Chihuahua Speares Yargh! Avast Ye Scurvy Doggies! Dino-myte Pair! Grilled Chihuahua Lobsters

Sun 10.28.07 – Today was the Haute Dog Howl-oween Parade on 2nd Street in Belmont Shore area of Long Beach. Scruffy was a “Little Devil”, Belle was a bee, and we commandeered Abbey from Family Callis to be Mephisto (although most folks thought she was Toto). It was a warm day, a bit confusing, and there were many, many more dogs registered for the Parade than last year (550 dogs in last year’s Parade, Belle was 1432 and we were not at the end of the line). There were a surprising amount of lobster dogs this afternoon of all shapes and sizes.
The highlight was all of the wonderful dogs and the creativity of their owners in terms of costuming. The lowlight was me stepping in dog barf that flowed over my flipflop on to my foot at the very end of the parade, which caused a bit of shreaking and much laughter on my part. Last year, Scruffy, Belle, and I watched from the sidelines, and this year it was good fun to walk in the Parade. Big thanks to Justin Rudd and the Haute Dog folks for putting together such a fun event.

Please Excuse Our Construction Dust

Over the last few days, as I have had time, I have been trying to clean up the Black Phoebe :: Ms. Jen Archives, esp. the complete change in directory & naming that occurred from Movable Type 3.3 to Movable Type 4. If you can’t reach an entry right now, sorry, I am working on it.
Ms. Jen, .htaccess, and mod_rewrite are in the server solving the problems. Hopefully. ;o)
Update, 9:54am : Solved!

‘Tis the Season to be Fire-y

Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, it is that season again. While it may be autumn in the rest of the northern hemisphere, it is Fire Season here in gritty, smoky, Southern California.
Add one part super dry land due to the driest year on record
Add one part Santa Ana winds
Add one part arson or human error or a downed power line
And within the course of 24 hours one can have 12 fires, count ‘em 12, in Southern California!
The LA Times has made a Google Fire map with a current listing of the fires. The nice folks over at the Earth Observatory have once again provided a 2 times daily satellite shot of SoCal in all of its smoke plumed glory. Waiting for the FireMapper folks to get their aircraft up, so that they can document the current round of fires.
While the air quality is quite low here in Seal / Long Beach area, it is nothing like the folks up in the Castaic area or in San Diego where 250,000 folks are being evacuated.
If you are not in a fire zone or being evacuated, the authorities are asking folks to stay inside due to air quality and keep cell / mobile phone usage down as to be able to free up the networks for emergency work.

The Church of Krista

Death Valley Sky with the Milky Way
” A Dark Sky Over Death Valley ” – Photo by Dan Duriscoe, U.S. National Park Service

Amongst several of my “Recovering Evangelical” friends we have a running joke that we now attend the Church of Krista. Ever since I hit my personal wall of dealing with religious institutions in late 2004 / early 2005, I have been searching for clear, equitable voices on faith and religion. In 2005, while driving to the market one Sunday afternoon, I heard the Speaking of Faith public radio show on KPCC.
Most Sunday afternoons, I am not near a radio, so I have taken to listening to Speaking of Faith on podcast and truly appreciated the show’s far ranging points of view. I have learned about faiths and perspectives that I had not been exposed to before, as well as being reminded of author’s who I would like to read their books. Most of all, while I walk through the valley of questions and exploration, I appreciate the company.
In today’s podcast on “Beyond the Atheism-Religion Divide“, Krista delivered:

“I haven’t interviewed Richard Dawkins or Christopher Hitchens, for the same reason I never interviewed Jerry Falwell, which is he had all the answers for himself and everyone else.” – Krista Tippett

Recently, a few friends who I greatly respect have become devotees to the Cult of Dawkins. What I have read from Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens has been just as definitively dogmatic and toxic as anything spewed out of the mouths of James Dobson or Tim LeHaye.
To this end, I am very surprised that my friends are falling for this style of atheism that is verging or already verged on dogmatism. If you are going to be a devotee, why not pick Sam Harris who at least can laugh at himself, point out various perspectives and encourage the faithful to consider how atheism can fulfill or at least consider the spiritual?
Folks, modernism is over, we are now in the digital age of multiple connections and convergences, why do we still feel the need for apologetics and dogma? Can we not have discussion and community? How about Open Discussion and Thought 2.0?