Monthly Archives: August 2005

Doggy Update

For those of you who have been calling or sending emails, here are the updates on the family canines:
1) Freckles is mending from the removal of the humongo sarcoma cancer tumor that was removed from his right rib side almost two weeks ago. He is resting lots, taking small walks and the tumor has not returned. Best of all, he is more alert and awake than he has been in two years. He must like his daily morphine. Our dog, the junkie. He is even taking the time and energy to intimidate Scruffy.
2) Scruffy has recovered fully from his fall and head bonk at Erika’s shower. Scruff is back to his fully active skirmy self. Good news.

29 Days To Go

The countdown to Ireland has begun, 29 days until I board a plane from LAX to DUB. Here are the updates:
1) I have been accepted into a Hall on Trinity College for housing. My space will be a “single ensuite” which translates into a single bedroom with it’s own bathroom within a larger apartment where I will share the kitchen and living room with 6 other folk.
Best of all, each room has a Network Connection. Yep, internet happiness.
2) I found another incoming M.Sc. student who is blogging! Wahoo! Say hi to Irish Stu
Now I must get a crackin’ on the packin’…


Wed 08.24.05 – Freckles in his recovery t-shirt. Last Wed. Freckles had a huge cancerous tumor cut out of his rightside ribs. He is a trooper.

How You Know It Is Time To Do Laundry…

When you find yourself riding your bike around the neighborhood to get the Sunday paper and diet coke, and you realize…
“Aggh! It is broad daylight, I am wearing a thin white tank top and a pink & purple patterned bra. Aggh!” Ride home quickly.

“Drug-Level Chocolate”???

I have always maintained that chocolate and diet coke ought to be controlled substances, but the wording of this quote (via Mirabilis) made me laugh:

When Hernán Cortés invaded Mexico, he found a society besotted with strong sensations, from blood sports to drug-level chocolate, which the Aztecs sometimes stirred with the powdered bones of their enemies.

Hmmm… powered bones and chocolate…. eek.