The Years of Silence

It has been 5 years, 6 months, and 22 days since I was hit with a large shockwave that blew me off my daily blogging perch. I have struggled time and again during this past half a decade to resume a daily blogging practice to only have the silence over take my blog, my typing fingers, and more deeply my soul.

For many bloggers this past half a decade has been a time to leave their personal blogs for writing on their Twitter or Facebook or Medium or other social accounts. That has not been the case for me, as the silence has gone deeper: I quit Facebook in April 2012, I see no reason why I should write on Medium when I could write here, and my Tweeting has declined since 2011-2012 significantly.

No, the real problem that I have become silent. My whole world, internally and externally, has shrunk. And this is more than ok, it was necessary.

I have had one major cycle of quiet whole life silence in the past, where I withdrew into myself for a period of nearly four years. It was a time of reading, learning and conserving my energies before I jumped back out again.

I am not interested in discussing at length what happened in the past but finding a way forward from here. While I am not quite ready to be out and about yet, I am working steadily in the background; there are a number of background processes currently running of writing, thinking, and taking photos.

I am writing fiction stories to be published soon. And I am, also, thinking quite a bit on ideas and trends in technology and how people use it – whether I blog about it anytime soon remains to be seen. I continue to take and mostly post photos daily to Flickr and/or Instagram and/or here.

I don’t think the personal blog is dead. This one may be quiet and full of photos, but it is not dead and the background processes may very well come to the foreground soon.

At the Intertidal Zone :: Dog Beach

At the Intertidal Zone :: Dog Beach from Ms. Jen on Vimeo.

Tues 08.02.16 – I love how not every wave travels the same distance in the intertidal zone. I stood and took a long photo / short video to see how long it would be from the last wave to hit my feet to the next wave to hit my feet (39 seconds for the impatient).

Adventures in Towing with BLKPHBE the Prius

Adventures in Towing with BLKPHBE the Prius

Sat 07.30.16 – With less than 300 miles before my beloved BLKPHBE the Prius turns 200,000 miles, the red triangle of death showed up today in the middle of Beach Blvd. The warning signals from the car forced it to Neutral and I had to restart the car much to the road rage distress of other drivers behind me to engage the car into drive to pull over to a gas station. An hour and a half later, the nice folks from AAA sent a tow truck and off we went the 14 miles to Toyota of Huntington Beach just before the Service Department closed up for the day. I will have to wait until Monday to hear what the problem is.

Oh. joy.

Koi in the Lily Pond

Koi in the Lily Pond

Wed 07.20.16 – While it was very hot at the Huntington Library and Gardens today, it was still a very beautiful day, especially at the lily ponds.

Cassiopeia and the Red Hill Cinder Cone

Cassiopeia and the Red Hill Cinder Cone

Thurs 06.09.16 – Photo of the Red Hill Cinder Cone and the northern sky with Cassiopeia the Constellation taken by Ms. Jen with her Nikon D800 and a Nikon 50mm f/1.4 G lens.